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/news/20100202Tue091441.txtNEWS RELEASE: MyZone Tickets Welcomed by Transit Users
/news/20100310Wed162751.txtNEWS RELEASE: Transit Users Deserve Better Performance from Buses
/news/20100410Sat170653.txtNEWS RELEASE: Get Ready for MyZone Tickets
/news/20100912Sun152044.txtNEWS RELEASE: "Fare Go" for passengers on cashless buses
/news/20100920Mon115124.txtMinister fronts "Estimates" committee
/news/20101215Wed170619.txtNEWS RELEASE: Pricing Tribunal Disappoints with Private Ferry Fares Review
/news/20110414Thu002318.txtNEWS RELEASE: MyZone Tickets Still NoZone for Some Riders
/news/20110511Wed191138.txtNEWS RELEASE: Anchors Aweigh for Sydney Ferries
/news/20110805Fri062634.txtReview of MyZone Fares Needed Before 2012 Fare Rises Start
/news/20111213Tue145255.txtNEWS RELEASE: Fare Rises Expected from 1st January 2012
/news/20111215Thu170611.txtNEWS RELEASE: New Fares Fail to Provide Handy Day Ticket
/news/20121128Wed150039.txtNEWS RELEASE: Rail and Ferry Fare rises from January 2013
/news/20130527Mon160931.txtLetter to Minister about MyMulti tickets and ferries
/news/20130623Sun101441.txtSupplementary response to IPART bus fares review
/documents/2010rep.html2010 annual report
/documents/2011rep.html2011 annual report
/documents/christie2010b.htmlSMH inquiry 2nd submission - ferries
/documents/estimates.htmlGPSC - 16 Sep 2010 - Transport
/documents/ipart2012a.htmlIPART 2012 rail fares submission
/documents/ipart2012c.htmlSubmission to IPART rail fares draft determination - Oct 2012
/documents/ipart2013a.html2014 bus fares submission
/documents/ipart2013d.htmlIPART 2014 bus fares review
/documents/masterplan.htmlAPTNSW submission to master plan discussion paper - April 2012
/blog.tarAction for Public Transport (N. S. W.) Inc
/operators.htmlAction for Public Transport (N.S.W.) - Service operators

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