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Some 729 items have been collected because of relevance to public transport. Several have appeared in the general media; many haven't. We hope that presenting them here helps you find them.

10 Jan 2018Byron Bay rail corridor
16 Dec 2017Greater Sydney Region Plan
16 Dec 2017Future Transport 2056 submission
24 Nov 2017EIA Regulation Review
13 Nov 2017ATAP Guidelines - M1 - Public Transport
10 Nov 2017M91 bus priority submission
9 Nov 2017Sydney Metro - Sydenham to Bankstown
23 Oct 2017Former Newcastle rail corridor
23 Oct 2017Parramatta Light Rail submission
16 Oct 2017Westconnex Stage 3 EIS - M4-M5 link
25 Sep 2017Hornsby - Castle Hill - Blacktown bus priority
5 Sep 2017Sydney Metro West early consultation
1 Sep 2017Review of the EIS process for state-significant projects
8 Aug 2017National Guidelines for Transport System Management - ATAP
7 Aug 2017Lindfield Learning Village
2 Aug 2017Central Walk and Devonshire St pedestrian tunnel
2 Aug 2017Federal government's role in the development of cities
7 Jul 2017Anzac/Alison/Dacey intersection
29 Jun 2017Bus Priority - Showground Road
28 Jun 2017Australian Transport Assessment and Planning Guidelines (ATAP)
16 Jun 2017Bus priority - M61 services
19 May 2017Mulgoa Rd and Castlereagh Rd Corridor
12 May 2017Macquarie Park bus priority and capacity
5 May 2017Bus priority - M41 services
1 Apr 2017GSC's Plan for Growing Sydney
10 Mar 2017Federal vehicle emissions studies
9 Mar 2017North Sydney master plan
9 Mar 2017Bus priority - routes 412, 422, 423, 426, 428
28 Feb 2017Vineyard stage 1 precinct
28 Feb 2017Parliamentary inquiry into road tolling
31 Jan 2017NSW Future Transport Technology Roadmap
16 Dec 2016NSW and Climate Change
13 Dec 2016Rozelle Rail Yards at White Bay
12 Dec 2016Blue Mountains trains
19 Nov 2016Bays Precinct feedback
15 Nov 2016Olympic Park master plan
2 Nov 2016Parra Light Rail extension to Epping?
31 Oct 2016Western Sydney Rail Needs Scoping Study
17 Oct 2016Blue Mountains rail services
25 Sep 2016Moore Park Master Plan submission
7 Sep 2016Greater Macarthur Growth Area
2 Sep 2016Increasing the capacity of the western railway
30 Aug 2016New intercity rail carriages
1 Aug 2016APTNSW submission on RPAH staff carpark
21 Jul 2016APTNSW submission on access to rural transport etc
27 Jun 2016Sydney Metro Chatswood-Sydenham EIS submission
26 Jun 2016APTNSW submission on Smart Cities
27 May 2016APTNSW submission on Newcastle light rail
19 May 2016APTNSW submission on King St Wharf
4 May 2016Sydney bus priority program - routes 380 and 389
22 Apr 2016Bankstown to Liverpool metro extension study
22 Apr 2016Heavy trucks helped through traffic first
31 Mar 2016National Guidelines for Transport System Management
28 Feb 2016APTNSW submission to connectivity inquiry
5 Feb 2016IPART review of Opal and other fares
31 Jan 2016Sydenham to Bankstown Urban Renewal Corridor
29 Jan 2016WestConnex - New M5 submission
18 Dec 2015Parramatta Road Urban Renewal Strategy
18 Dec 2015Western Sydney Airport EIS submission
18 Dec 2015Rozelle-Annandale bus changes
8 Dec 2015Bus stops to be deleted in Norton Street
9 Oct 2015IPART's proposed methodology for setting fares
27 Aug 2015IPART review of fare structures for Opal
17 Aug 2015APTNSW submission to Infrastructure Australia's audit
13 Aug 2015APTNSW letter to Minister about obtaining gold Opal cards
19 Jul 2015New inter-urban rail carriages
13 Jul 2015Sydney Metro City & South-west Review
25 Mar 2015IPART and external benefits of public transport
13 Mar 2015George St 2020 submission
13 Feb 2015Parramatta Road urban renewal submission
20 Jan 2015The case against Westconnex
10 Jan 2015Sydney City Centre Capacity Improvement Plan
19 Dec 2014Leppington Precinct Plan submission
15 Dec 2014CSELR modifications - APTNSW submission
12 Dec 2014Sydney Airport ground access solutions - second submission
10 Dec 2014Wynyard station upgrade submission
8 Dec 2014Moorebank Intermodal Freight Terminal - APTNSW submission
20 Nov 2014Submission to competition policy review
17 Nov 2014Our submission on Epping-Chatswood railway conversion
16 Nov 2014Submission to CBD Walking Strategy
5 Nov 2014Homebush area transport and mobility study
28 Oct 2014CSELR capacity shortfall acknowledged
8 Oct 2014IPART's review of public transport externalities
29 Sep 2014APTNSW asks Minister to delay Newcastle rail closure
22 Sep 2014Sydney Airport ground access solutions submission
19 Sep 2014Performance audits of public transport projects
12 Sep 2014WestConnex Stage 1 - M4 widening EIS
12 Sep 2014NorthConnex EIS
19 Aug 2014NEWS RELEASE: Changes to fares under Opal
10 Aug 2014NEWS RELEASE: Changes to bus stops in Broadway and Newtown
24 Jul 2014Sydney City Centre Bus Infrastructure
28 Jun 2014Planning White Paper
10 Jun 2014North West Rail Link - passenger facilities
1 Jun 2014Weekend "clearways" - minister responds
9 May 2014OPINION: Selling the north-west rail link
9 Apr 2014Productivity Commission inquiry into public infrastructure
25 Mar 2014COMMENT: Peculiar choice for Planning Institute's public engagement award
23 Mar 2014Inter-Regional Public Transport Inquiry on back burner
23 Mar 2014NEWS RELEASE: Light Rail Fares Stuck in the Past
23 Mar 2014Bus Industry book on rapid transit
16 Mar 2014Wish list for North West Rail Link
14 Mar 2014Adequacy of CSELR questioned
5 Mar 2014APTNSW questions weekend "clearways" policy.
5 Mar 2014APTNSW suggestion for Federal Budget
19 Feb 2014Local reaction to train timetable changes
17 Feb 2014Action for Public Transport submission on WestConnex M4 East
4 Feb 2014Senate inquiry into role of public transport
16 Jan 2014LED Destination Signs on Buses
28 Dec 2013T4NSW releases many reports
17 Dec 2013CBD and South-East Light Rail EIS
3 Dec 2013WestConnex Motorway - Information sessions
16 Nov 2013CBD and South East Light Rail - CBD Information Centre
11 Nov 2013WestConnex motorway - submission before EIS
7 Nov 2013NSW Legislative Council GPSC 3 inquiry - access fees at airport railway stations
4 Nov 2013Sheet timetables at railway stations
30 Oct 2013New Bus Shelters - Canada Bay
24 Oct 2013IPART review of bus fares from January 2014
24 Oct 2013Sydney City Centre Access Strategy submission
5 Oct 2013Westconnex brochure exaggerates
30 Sep 2013NEWS RELEASE: Opal Card Fails the Integration Test
23 Sep 2013New train timetable starting 20 October 2013
20 Sep 2013IPART review of Stockton and private ferry fares for 2014
18 Sep 2013John Morandini's Quantum Bus
13 Sep 2013APTNSW submission on CBD-southeast light rail
10 Sep 2013T4NSW document reveals arbitrariness in major decisions
9 Sep 2013Wire-free trams for George St?
8 Sep 2013Rail project funding to be cut by the incoming Abbott government
31 Aug 2013Why does light rail dominate bus rapid transit in Australian urban planning?
28 Aug 2013COMMENT: Federal election policy
21 Aug 2013NWRL: issues of single-deck versus double-deck trains
9 Aug 2013Ministerial credibility at stake
22 Jul 2013Ministerial meeting with residents cancelled
15 Jul 2013COMMENT: Can overcrowding on the Western rail lines be relieved?
13 Jul 2013Tangara reduced seating trial - but more standing
30 Jun 2013High-speed Rail Study submission
23 Jun 2013Supplementary response to IPART bus fares review
22 Jun 2013North West Rail Link tunnel diameter in Parliament again
8 Jun 2013Response to IPART bus fares review
2 Jun 2013Warringah Sustainable Transport Strategy - submission
31 May 2013COMMENT: Will a Parramatta-Epping railway ever be built?
27 May 2013Letter to Minister about MyMulti tickets and ferries
24 May 2013NEWS RELEASE - Changes to MyMulti Tickets a Mean Blow to Ferry Users
16 May 2013NWRL tunnel diameter: vacuous reply from Minister
14 May 2013NWRL - what the Minister said on ABC-TV
14 May 2013Road Access Pricing
3 May 2013Victoria's Auditor-General on managing traffic congestion
26 Apr 2013Response to T4NSW re Bus Rapid Transit study
20 Apr 2013South East Light Rail - APTNSW submission
19 Apr 2013OPINION: The 'hop' logo - progress towards an integrated public transport system
17 Apr 2013Newcastle railway future submission
13 Apr 2013NWRL seating issues
5 Apr 2013Submission on Wharf Access Policy
26 Mar 2013Submission to IPART review of taxi fares
15 Mar 2013Letter to Minister about NWRL tunnel diameter
7 Mar 2013OPINION: Evasive responses to NWRL submissions
11 Feb 2013Proposed Strathfield Station Upgrade - APTNSW submission
9 Feb 2013New bus industry Moving People document
8 Feb 2013Darling Harbour - Centres redevelopment
5 Feb 2013EcoTransit video criticises NWRL plan
29 Jan 2013Newcastle - Rally opposing permanent closure of rail line
14 Jan 2013Academics' scathing criticism of Sydney transport planning
9 Jan 2013North-west Rail Link - EIS2 submissions
31 Dec 2012NEWS RELEASE: Agents' Stocks Of Bus Tickets Not Replenished
22 Dec 2012New paper on Melb-Cba-Syd-Bris high-speed rail
22 Dec 2012NEWS RELEASE: Buy bus tickets now to beat the fare rise
22 Dec 2012Multi-modal holiday transport brochure - a first?
7 Dec 2012NEWS RELEASE: Opal Card Launch - Good News but More Consultation Needed
5 Dec 2012Another NWRL EIS2 submission
28 Nov 2012NEWS RELEASE: Rail and Ferry Fare rises from January 2013
28 Nov 2012North-west Rail Link - submission on EIS2
24 Nov 2012NRMA comments on draft Long-Term Transport Master Plan
13 Nov 2012Proposed Light Rail to Dulwich Hill - APTNSW submission
11 Nov 2012Public Meeting - How to fix Sydney's Transport - 19 November
28 Oct 2012Dulwich Hill Light Rail - briefings
26 Oct 2012Response to IPART rail fares review
26 Oct 2012Submissions to draft NSW long-term transport master plan
2 Oct 2012IPART draft report on CityRail fares from 2013
13 Sep 2012NWRL tunnel bore - question in Parliament
9 Sep 2012Infrastructure Partnerships Australia's submission to Infrastructure NSW
6 Sep 2012OPINION: Flawed draft long-term master plan
17 Aug 2012Sydney's Rail Future - questions for Minister
13 Aug 2012Wayfinding around Sydney City
10 Aug 2012Transit officers being phased out before police can take over
7 Aug 2012"Sydney's Rail Future" - a possible variation
3 Aug 2012ARA says carbon tax disadvantages railways
1 Aug 2012Federal borrowing should fund infrastructure: Ian Spring
29 Jul 2012Western Sydney Passengers' Symposium - 18 August 2012.
20 Jul 2012New BITRE book on urban railways
14 Jul 2012New Transport Advisory Board
14 Jul 2012OPINION: NWRL - that boring question
13 Jul 2012Frequent Transit Network
4 Jul 2012CityRail Xpress or Government Bugle?
29 Jun 2012Bus Industry Confederation (BIC) Comment on Competitive Tendering
13 Jun 2012Passenger Concerns over Bus Privatisation
12 Jun 2012APTNSW Meets RTBU over Bus Privatisation
5 Jun 2012Sydney Over the Next 20 Years submission
2 Jun 2012RailCorp's corporate plan 2012-2013
1 Jun 2012Taxi industry inquiry in Victoria
24 May 2012NSW transport master plan stumbles
22 May 2012Diesel fumes at Central railway station
19 May 2012Submission to Inquiry into Inter-Regional Public Transport
18 May 2012Infrastructure NSW - Independent, but unbiased?
18 May 2012Federal Opposition on urban transport
18 May 2012Second submission to IPART rail fares review
13 May 2012APTNSW's submission to IPART rail fares inquiry
6 May 2012Melbourne Commuters Concerned About Lack of New Blood in PT Administration
5 May 2012Public interest in NSW Transport Master Plan
4 May 2012Transport for NSW review of interchanges
27 Apr 2012APTNSW meets Sydney Fast Ferries Management
26 Apr 2012APTNSW's submission to Master Plan discussion paper
31 Mar 2012Walker book available from Gleebooks
30 Mar 2012Electronic devices and road safety
23 Mar 2012Customer Engagement on Prices for Monopoly Services
22 Mar 2012Report card on the O'Farrell government
13 Mar 2012Little concern for safety at Museum station
13 Mar 2012Poll - Public support for CBD congestion charging
20 Feb 2012"Give way" signs on buses - a new safety risk
19 Feb 2012Poll - Should George St be closed to car traffic?
15 Feb 2012APTNSW meets IPART regarding fares.
6 Jan 2012New paper on NSW rail reform published by CILTA
29 Dec 2011OPINION: Government Dodges Responsibility for Fare Rises
15 Dec 2011NEWS RELEASE: New Fares Fail to Provide Handy Day Ticket
13 Dec 2011NEWS RELEASE: Fare Rises Expected from 1st January 2012
30 Nov 2011NEWS RELEASE: Still no plan for Sydney transport
12 Nov 2011NEWS RELEASE: Simpler Transit Tickets the Answer to Bridge Closure Chaos
9 Oct 2011Parramatta - Epping Railway - a low cost version.....
5 Aug 2011Review of MyZone Fares Needed Before 2012 Fare Rises Start
24 Jul 2011Proposed north-west railway
9 Jul 2011Australia Institute director on traffic congestion
11 May 2011NEWS RELEASE: Anchors Aweigh for Sydney Ferries
14 Apr 2011NEWS RELEASE: MyZone Tickets Still NoZone for Some Riders
15 Mar 2011Kogarah - Proposed upgrade to interchange
3 Mar 2011Meeting with Shadow Transport Minister
29 Jan 2011What "Environmental Management" really means
30 Dec 2010NSW Liberals' policies are inconsistent
16 Dec 2010Slow trains
15 Dec 2010NEWS RELEASE: Pricing Tribunal Disappoints with Private Ferry Fares Review
7 Dec 2010Wynyard bus stop rearrangements a win for passenger advocacy
25 Nov 2010Bus windows and train windows
25 Oct 2010NEWS RELEASE: Victoria Road "Prepay" Buses Will Discourage New Passengers
21 Oct 2010New website "RateMyTrip"
11 Oct 2010Yet Another Opportunity Missed to Bring Trains Up To Speed
8 Oct 2010Gerry Gleeson's Spann Oration
20 Sep 2010Minister fronts "Estimates" committee
18 Sep 2010NEWS RELEASE: "Pre-Pay" Bus Debacle Needs Quick Fix
14 Sep 2010Metro still an option?
12 Sep 2010NEWS RELEASE: "Fare Go" for passengers on cashless buses
11 Sep 2010Bike "library" - anyone can borrow......
20 Aug 2010Lilyfield - Dulwich Hill Light Rail - Community Information Sessions
18 Aug 2010Greens plan light rail for Perth
14 Aug 2010Faster trains OK, but when?
9 Aug 2010Social media used to fight M5 freeway
7 Aug 2010NEWS RELEASE: No Need For Ferry Cuts
25 Jul 2010Turnbull MP, population, and state politics
20 Jul 2010New CityRail timetable from Sunday 10 October 2010
14 Jul 2010$4M penalty for late Melbourne trains
12 Jul 2010Transport NSW corporate plan
11 Jul 2010A new, single, NSW transport authority, but two ministers!
23 Jun 2010Public transport still top concern for Australians
23 Jun 2010Inquiry into "vulnerable" road users
21 Jun 2010"We want faster trains" - APTNSW to RailCorp
13 Jun 2010Bus 389 - advocacy in progress
12 Jun 2010Western Sydney Transit Users - Symposium - 7 August
1 Jun 2010Dulwich Hill Light Rail Extension - Comment invited on draft study
1 Jun 2010Widening of M2 Motorway - Exhibition of Environmental Assessment
1 Jun 2010South West Rail Link, Glenfield to Leppington - Exhibition of Environmental Assessment
1 Jun 2010RailCorp Corporate Plan, 2010 to 2015 - Comment invited
29 May 2010Metropolitan Strategy Review - APTNSW's submission
9 May 2010Paul Mees' new book - discussion on ABC's "National Interest", 30 April 2010
26 Apr 2010Metropolitan Transport Plan submission
10 Apr 2010NEWS RELEASE: Get Ready for MyZone Tickets
27 Mar 2010Light rail extensions - tender let for "pre-construction" study
15 Mar 2010Proposed new rail timetable for Illawarra line
10 Mar 2010NEWS RELEASE: Transit Users Deserve Better Performance from Buses
7 Mar 2010Herald / Christie Transport Inquiry - APTNSW responses to the Preliminary Report
4 Mar 2010Mt. Druitt community group gets 755 bus re-instated
2 Mar 2010Sydney "Smartcard" - no assurance yet on trouble-free introduction
14 Feb 2010Tour of western Sydney growth centres - 12 February 2010
2 Feb 2010NEWS RELEASE: MyZone Tickets Welcomed by Transit Users
1 Jan 2010NEWS RELEASE: Bus passengers say dodgy accounting used to raise fares
24 Dec 2009Brisbane Smartcard Ticket Causes Passenger Frustration
22 Dec 2009NEWS RELEASE: Commuters Welcome Decision to Keep Ferries in Public Hands‏
14 Dec 2009NEWS RELEASE: Fares Tribunal on The Wrong Bus
8 Dec 2009NEWS RELEASE: Rail Fare Increases On The Wrong Track
29 Nov 2009APTNSW COMMENT: Questionable RTA procedures in M5 expansion
13 Nov 2009NEWS RELEASE: Get a Jump On the Fare Rise
11 Nov 2009"The plane in Spain fails - mainly to the train................."
9 Nov 2009Submission to Review of Metropolitan and Outer Metropolitan Bus Fares from January 2010
7 Nov 2009Newtown Station - Information available on upgrade
3 Nov 2009Capital works have to be funded by borrowing - Gittins, Sydney Morning Herald
1 Nov 2009Metro station design - desiderata
1 Nov 2009New fares structure for south-east Queensland
20 Oct 2009Airport - City on the cheap, using APTNSW's "Trickybus"
15 Oct 2009Sydney metro - forthcoming information sessions
14 Oct 2009CBD Metro - APTNSW submission to environmental assessment
14 Oct 2009IPART review of private ferry and Stockton ferry fares
11 Oct 2009APTNSW submissions to "Herald" Independent Public Inquiry on Sydney's Long Term Public Transport Plan
9 Oct 2009Problems with the new CityRail timetable
30 Sep 2009APTNSW declines government's invitation to participate in planning "blueprint"
10 Sep 2009Victoria Road "Upgrade" - Wrap-up of public deception by RTA
17 Aug 20092011 State Election - Key Seats
8 Aug 2009Privatisation of Sydney Ferries Corporation - not favoured
18 Jul 2009Possible resumption of Maldon-Dombarton railway construction
7 Jul 2009Staffing of Hunter & Central Coast stations - join the campaign
27 Jun 2009CBD Metro - Rally to save Union Square
24 Jun 2009Despite record transport budget, NSW slips behind
22 Jun 2009Faster buses on Victoria Road
21 Jun 2009Bus route and timetable changes - Lower North Shore & Northern Beaches - Starts 2 August 2009
16 Jun 2009CBD Metro - Community Information Sessions
15 Jun 2009Ticketing
12 Jun 2009Submission to IPART review of bus fares
8 Jun 2009Metro Authority Draft Corporate Plan - APTNSW comment
2 Jun 2009APTNSW Metro Policy
2 Jun 2009Inquiry into pedestrian safety
1 Jun 2009Victoria Road "Upgrade" approved - now dubbed a "Busway"
30 May 2009Peak Oil - Public Forum - Thurs 11 June.
23 May 2009Quakers Hill-Vineyard Rail Duplication - Exhibition of Environmental Assessment
23 May 2009RailCorp Corporate Plan - comment invited
19 May 2009Bus Fare Review - back to basics
7 Apr 2009New shuttle bus for Artarmon industrial area
4 Apr 2009NEWS RELEASE: Pre-pay Buses Leave Casual Users Behind
22 Mar 2009Rally opposing Victoria Road "Upgrade" - Sun 29 March
22 Mar 2009CBD Metro - Community Information Sessions
22 Mar 2009Green Square - Car use "unsustainable"
15 Mar 2009APTNSW talks to the Senators
28 Feb 2009Bus changes in Eastern Suburbs
25 Feb 2009Why CityRail should change to zone fares
21 Feb 2009New Epping - Chatswood Railway to close for "trackwork"
18 Feb 2009Sydney Metro - Highlights from the Preliminary Environmental Assessment (PEA)
18 Feb 2009APTNSW COMMENT: "Pre-Pay" expansion will benefit frequent bus users but disadvantage casuals
17 Feb 2009Sydney Metro - Community Information Sessions
16 Feb 2009America votes Billions to High Speed Rail
9 Feb 2009Manly Fast Ferries
9 Feb 2009Transport in Sydney's North West - Community Forum - Tuesday 24 February, 2009
1 Feb 2009"Smartcard" ticket problems in Netherlands
30 Jan 2009NEWS RELEASE: PTTC Corporate Plan is Vacuous
20 Jan 2009Proposed changes to STA bus routes in Parramatta-Ryde-City arc
17 Dec 2008NEWS RELEASE: Proposed rail timetable disadvantages some stations
16 Dec 2008"NSW off the rails" - ABC Radio's Background Briefing, 14 December 2008
16 Dec 2008NEWS RELEASE: Bad Timing for Fare Rises
6 Dec 2008Bus building in Newcastle
4 Dec 2008CBD Mobility Forum - Report to Participants
2 Dec 2008NEWS RELEASE: Beat The Fare Rises
28 Nov 2008Review of buses in North Sydney - North Ryde - Parramatta area
25 Nov 2008Victoria Road "Upgrade" - APTNSW Submission No 2 to RTA's Environmental Assessment
21 Nov 2008NEWS RELEASE: Beat the Fare Rises
19 Nov 2008Proposed CityRail 2009 timetable
12 Nov 2008NEWS RELEASE: Transport Minister lobbies IPART on fares from marginal electorates
11 Nov 2008CityRail to release draft 2009 timetable for public comment
9 Nov 2008Illawarra Line - Rally Opposing Fare Hike - Saturday 15 November
8 Nov 2008APTNSW's Defence of the TravelPass
8 Nov 2008Review of buses in Blacktown/Kurrajong/Penrith - Public comment invited
5 Nov 2008Victoria Road "Upgrade" - Rally opposing RTA proposal - 30 November 2008
28 Oct 2008Victoria Road "Upgrade" - APTNSW submission to RTA's Environmental Assessment
25 Oct 2008City Council announces three infrastructure projects for federal funding
21 Oct 2008NEWS RELEASE: Government Must Retain Control of Sydney Ferries
19 Oct 2008IPART Review of CityRail Fares 2009-2012 - APTNSW submission
15 Oct 2008Future Transport in North-West Sydney - APTNSW submission to Legislative Council
12 Oct 2008NEWS RELEASE: New MetroBus Welcomed by Transit Advocates
6 Oct 2008Private Buses Weekly Tickets Commence
4 Oct 2008NEWS RELEASE: Rail Fare Rises - Commuters Can Fight Back
3 Oct 2008APTNSW submission to private ferry fares review
3 Oct 2008NEWS RELEASE: Private Bus Weeklies - More To Do, But Heading In The Right Direction
2 Oct 2008National Ride to Work Day - Wednesday 15 October
29 Sep 2008NEWS RELEASE: Last Chance to Challenge Bus Fare Rises
28 Sep 2008Sydney Airport - Master Plan on display for public comment
28 Sep 2008Walk to Work Day - Friday 3 October
27 Sep 2008Transport in North West Sydney - Upper House Inquiry
27 Sep 2008"Metros - Future Rail for Sydney" - One-day Symposium, Wed. 12 November, Sydney
24 Sep 2008APTNSW submission to bus region 14 Review
24 Sep 2008APTNSW submission on bus fares review
22 Sep 2008NEWS RELEASE: Commuters Urged to Oppose Bus Fare Rises
4 Sep 2008APTNSW submission on the Inner West Subregional Strategy
31 Aug 2008IPART review of fares on privately-owned ferries - submissions invited
30 Aug 2008State Government Subregional Planning Strategies - City of Sydney comment
30 Aug 2008NEWS RELEASE: Proposed Bus Fare Increases Outrageous
26 Aug 2008Proposed changes to Northern Bus Services - APTNSW Submission
16 Aug 2008Commuter Council rejects Penrith to City "Fast Train"
5 Aug 2008NEWS RELEASE: Trains cut for City to Surf run
4 Aug 2008Victoria Road "Upgrade" and the M4-East Motorway - link established
1 Aug 2008IPART Round Table on CityRail Regulatory Framework - Report
1 Aug 2008Bus Service Reviews for North Shore and Northern Beaches
10 Jul 2008Subregional Strategies on Display for Comment
10 Jul 2008Bus service review - region 11 (Miranda area)
10 Jul 2008Victoria Road "Upgrade" - Government duplicity emerging
10 Jul 2008IPART Review of CityRail - APTNSW's submission
22 Jun 2008PrePay on 459 bus postponed
22 Jun 2008Eastern Suburbs buses - minor changes planned - comment invited
14 Jun 2008NEWS RELEASE: Concerns About Conversion of Bus Route 459 to Prepay
9 Jun 2008Federal support for public transport - "Get Up" makes it easy for YOU, our reader
6 Jun 2008IPART Review of CityRail - The Next Steps
29 May 2008"Sustainable Sydney 2030" - APTNSW Submission
27 May 2008Victoria Road Corridor An APTNSW alternative to the RTA's "upgrade"
17 May 2008NEWS RELEASE: Non-Ticket Holders shunned at Chatswood bus stop
12 May 2008Victoria Road "Upgrade" - Public debate - Sunday 25 May
12 May 2008Big money in trains (UK)
12 May 2008Parramatta Free Bus
19 Apr 2008Lord Mayor lobbies for Light Rail
17 Apr 2008Privatisation of public services
17 Apr 2008Ministry of Transport abuses Freedom of Information legislation
6 Apr 2008Vacancies - State Transit advertises for Chief Executive
10 Mar 2008Conference - "Climate Change, Social Change" - Sydney, April 11 to 13
27 Feb 2008New Sydney trains - design compromises emerging
26 Feb 2008New free bus for Redfern, Woolloomooloo, Glebe, Darlinghurst ............
7 Feb 2008"Petrol tax should not be cut" - PTUA, Melbourne
25 Jan 2008Invitation to counter RTA's "spin" on Victoria Road corridor
20 Jan 2008Iron Cove Bridge - RTA's proposal for duplication - Community Rally, 10 Feb. 2008
19 Jan 2008Let's take another look at rail
16 Jan 2008NEWS RELEASE: No Cutbacks to Ferry Services
4 Jan 2008Melbourne agents baulk at low smartcard commission
31 Dec 2007NEWS RELEASE: Bus Fare Increases Demand Service Improvements
18 Dec 2007NSW Cleaner Vehicles and Fuels Strategy - Submissions requested
17 Dec 2007NEWS RELEASE: Buy Now and Save on Bus Tickets
6 Dec 2007Victoria Road - Iron Cove Bridge proposal - RTA, APTNSW, and the Herald
1 Dec 2007NEWS RELEASE: Beat the Bus Fare Rise
20 Nov 2007APTNSW advocates "congestion tax" for Sydney CBD
19 Nov 2007NEWS RELEASE: Reform the Fares Policy Before the Ticketing System
10 Nov 2007NEWS RELEASE: A Fresh Start After Tcard
9 Nov 2007P.T.U.A. NEWS RELEASE: Cut Our Oil Addiction, Parties Told
8 Nov 2007M4 East motorway - revised plan - APTNSW comment
7 Nov 2007Eastern Suburbs buses - review of services
7 Nov 20072007 Federal Election - a rail opportunity for Labor
2 Nov 2007Recommendations from the Walker inquiry
1 Nov 2007NEWS RELEASE: Commuters Want Guarantees From New Ferry Deal
26 Oct 2007Submission to Review of Private Ferry Fares
25 Oct 2007NEWS RELEASE: Train Fare Rise is Unjustified
23 Oct 2007New motorways - public opinion on the M4East
16 Oct 2007A State Transit "Fares Policy" circa 1990
15 Oct 2007Fare Policy Reform: APTNSW Supports BCA Initiative
12 Oct 2007Tcard: Progress report in Sydney newspaper
12 Oct 2007Submission to IPART on 2007 Bus Fares Review
4 Oct 2007NEWS RELEASE: Cautious Support for Proposed Bus Fare Increases
17 Sep 2007State Transit rebuffs occasional users
8 Sep 2007NEWS RELEASE: Beat the Train Fare Rise
5 Sep 2007IPART CityRail Fares Review - Public Hearing 5th September
29 Aug 2007New report on Canberra buses
27 Aug 2007NEWS RELEASE: Tcard is a Red Herring on the Road to Fares Reform
16 Aug 2007NEWS RELEASE: Australian Public Transport Users Unite In Call For Federal Funds
15 Aug 2007Proposed Railway Station for University of Western Sydney - Review
14 Aug 2007Public Votes Against Rail Fare Rise
12 Aug 2007CBD bus changes - Lord Mayor has reservations
11 Aug 2007M4East Motorway - Sydney Morning Herald 10 Aug 2007
7 Aug 2007High capacity buses for Sydney
7 Aug 2007IPART to Help CityRail Count Costs
3 Aug 2007Concept design for Sydney's new trains
3 Aug 2007Special Commission of Inquiry into Sydney Ferries - forum
22 Jul 2007Rail fares - IPART Inquiry - closes 3 August
22 Jul 2007Pedestrian safety - Sydney CBD
18 Jul 2007Planning for the Inner North - Ryde to Mosman - Strategy on display for comment
18 Jul 2007Planning for Manly, Pittwater, Warringah - Strategy on display for comment
18 Jul 2007North West and South West Rail Links - extension of time for comment
14 Jul 2007Biggest-ever task for Moore Park Bus Station
7 Jul 2007Bus services poorly managed - Lord Mayor
7 Jul 2007State Budget disappoints Lord Mayor
17 Jun 2007More prepay-only bus services
6 Jun 2007North West Rail Link - Detailed route released - Comment invited
1 Jun 2007National Ride to Work Day - 17 October 2007
29 May 2007Sydney showing of Crude Impact, 2 June 2007
24 May 2007Inquiry into Sydney Ferries - APTNSW submission
16 May 2007National Walk to Work Day - Friday 5 October
12 May 2007Provision of car parking - seminar report
25 Apr 2007Address - RTA bus priority program
18 Apr 2007Free bus for Parramatta CBD
15 Apr 2007Special Commission of Inquiry into Sydney Ferries
13 Apr 2007Broadway Upgrade
12 Apr 2007NEWS RELEASE: Commuter Group Welcomes New Prepay Bus
2 Apr 2007NEWS RELEASE: Zone Fares the Way To Go For Sydney's Transport
29 Mar 2007NEWS RELEASE: Commuters want voice in Transport Charter and Ombudsman
4 Mar 2007Review of Motorway Corridor between F3 (Berowra) and M7 "Orbital"
23 Feb 2007NEWS RELEASE: New Transitway Continues Bus Fare Inequality
12 Feb 2007Bus industry comments on Unsworth reforms and Tcard
30 Jan 2007WSCF Election Forum
28 Jan 2007Rail speed record attempt
3 Jan 2007Ministry releases new paper on tax incentives
29 Dec 2006NEWS RELEASE: Travelten Discounts Still Denied to Private Bus Users
19 Dec 2006New "Oscar" train enters service
15 Dec 2006New paper "Moving On" available
13 Dec 2006NEWS RELEASE: Bus and Ferry Fare Rises Inappropriate
10 Dec 2006North West and South West Rail Links - comment invited
9 Dec 2006NEWS RELEASE: Big Picture Approach Needed for Victoria Road
8 Dec 2006NEWS RELEASE: Time to discard Tcard
4 Dec 2006Light rail report to City of Sydney
28 Nov 2006NEWS RELEASE: APTNSW Response to NSW Government "Urban Transport Statement" of 20 Nov 2006
25 Nov 2006Late night bus trial for Kings Cross
17 Nov 2006NEWS RELEASE: "Cut oil use, not prices", G20 told
8 Nov 2006Conference - Reform of NSW bus services - "Local Issues" - Parramatta
1 Nov 2006NEWS RELEASE: Bus fare overcharge
28 Oct 2006Push for improved buses in Sydney's East
6 Oct 2006NEWS RELEASE: More Pre-Paid Bus Tickets Wanted
25 Sep 2006Submissions to IPART 2006 determination of bus and ferry fares
20 Sep 2006Light rail tipped to reduce car use in Manchester
17 Sep 2006NEWS RELEASE: Bus Passengers Should Strike Back
6 Sep 2006Lecture - Implementing the Metropolitan Strategy - A Transport Perspective
1 Sep 2006NEWS RELEASE: Consumers Endorse “prepay” Plan for Buses (*)
24 Aug 2006Submissions invited on bus and ferry fares (IPART)
17 Aug 2006NEWS RELEASE: Fare Increases Could Lose New Converts
10 Aug 2006JOINT NEWS RELEASE: Forget petrol prices, give us more public transport!
6 Aug 2006NEWS RELEASE: RTA fails Can-Bay residents, and thousands of north west commuters
15 Jul 2006Transport Symposium - the public interest - 9 November 2006
2 Jul 2006MP calls for Kings Cross - City "Nightride" bus
2 Jul 2006First "Strategic Bus Corridor" opens
30 Jun 2006NEWS RELEASE: Train Fares Increased from 2nd July
23 Jun 2006David Engwicht to speak in Sydney
16 Jun 2006NEWS RELEASE: Double Standards for Rail Users and Motorists
29 May 2006Transport projects assessed to be very beneficial
8 May 2006Next wave of tax reforms should be green
7 May 2006North-West T-way - Proposed route changes announced
6 May 2006Higher train fares likely - IPART public hearing
6 May 2006Southern Sydney Freight Line plans on exhibition
6 May 2006Transport "values" survey
4 May 2006New report challenges privatisation of public transport
25 Mar 2006NEWS RELEASE: Consumers Reject Rail Fare Rise
23 Mar 2006Bus route planning for Sydney's North-West T-way
14 Mar 2006NEWS RELEASE: Commuter Group Welcomes "Travel-1" Bus Tickets
9 Mar 2006Parramatta bus passengers angry
8 Mar 2006NEWS RELEASE: CityRail Concealing Fare Rise Details
7 Mar 2006Public Transport Derby postponed
4 Mar 2006Car use falls in USA
1 Mar 2006"Light rail for Sydney" - Seminar, Tues. 7 March 2006
28 Feb 2006Tcard Concerns
13 Jan 2006NEWS RELEASE: Competing Ferries Make Waves
27 Dec 2005NEWS RELEASE: Secret Fares Business
21 Dec 2005NEWS RELEASE: Beat The Fare Rise
7 Dec 2005NEWS RELEASE: Firm Anchor for Ferry Fares
30 Nov 2005Lidcombe Station turnback - Changing trains a "minor inconvenience"
30 Nov 2005"Getting There" Conference - Papers available
30 Nov 2005Labor Party looks at infrastructure financing
30 Nov 2005Public-Private Partnerships - some myths exposed
30 Nov 2005Fuel price rises spur interest in transit websites
22 Nov 2005NEWS RELEASE: Flag fall free transfers coming for transit tickets
14 Nov 2005"Sustainable Cities" - Federal Government Report
13 Nov 2005Series of articles promoting Melbourne public transport
4 Nov 2005Pensioner Excursion Ticket - Restricted use on private ferries
4 Nov 2005Illawarra Line - Draft 2006 timetable - APTNSW submission
26 Oct 2005NEWS RELEASE: Ticket policies criticised
25 Oct 2005North Sydney railway station upgrade
20 Oct 2005Macdonaldtown Train Stabling Project - Environmental Impact
20 Oct 2005Free Lecture - Walking, Cycling, Public Health - Tues 25 Oct. 2005
16 Oct 2005Pro-transit professor hits Sydney
15 Oct 2005New Orleans - Amtrak poorly utilized for Hurricane Katrina
15 Oct 2005Cameras to trap Bus, Transit lane abusers
8 Oct 2005Lecture - Making Transit Irresistible: Lessons from Europe
28 Sep 2005The Sydney to Melbourne Railway: Yesterday, today and tomorrow
25 Sep 2005Car parking provision v availability of public transport - Sydney CBD
23 Sep 2005Westbus company sold
17 Sep 2005Tim Fischer's Lateral Thinking for Australian rail
14 Sep 2005Hornsby Station - new platform - public exhibition
8 Sep 2005Randwick - opposition to freeway amplification
3 Sep 2005Homebush station - proposed new platform - information night
3 Sep 2005Lidcombe - proposed new platform - information night
24 Aug 2005Address - "Public Transport - Why are we waiting?" - 14 Sept 2005
20 Aug 2005Sydney trains slower, Japan's faster
20 Aug 2005NEWS RELEASE: New strategy for fares required
18 Aug 2005IPART - Bus fares review - APTNSW final submission
8 Aug 2005Bus reform - community consultation on "Unsworth" proposals
29 Jul 2005IPART - Ferry fares review - APTNSW response to Charter Vessel Assoc. submission
25 Jul 2005Tcard and fares policy
25 Jul 2005APTNSW talks to State Opposition
14 Jul 2005New Bus to Wharf Connection Welcomed
30 Jun 2005Transit Mall for Sydney CBD - Comment invited
28 Jun 2005NSW Government Audit of public transport operators
24 Jun 2005NEWS RELEASE: New CBD bus lanes must be enforced
20 Jun 2005NEWS RELEASE: Transport authorities warned on fares submissions
20 Jun 2005First submission to IPART Review of Bus and Ferry Fares
17 Jun 2005Paper available on proposed south-west railway
11 Jun 2005Westbus sell-off
9 Jun 2005Taronga Zoo - car parking threatens public transport
6 Jun 2005Call for Submissions to IPART Fare Review
6 Jun 2005Performance Audit of Transitways
13 Mar 2005APTNSW Attends LATM (Traffic Management) Workshop
6 Mar 2005Glazebrook Report advocates light rail over bus
27 Feb 2005NEWS RELEASE: Tram proposal not quite on track
19 Feb 2005Play about railway privatisation
15 Feb 2005Edgecliff Interchange needs upgrading - MP
15 Feb 2005Liberals host northside transport forum
15 Feb 2005Single-deck trains for Sydney, again
13 Jan 2005Railway heritage threatened - Bulli, Parramatta and East Greta
13 Jan 2005APTNSW Submission to CityRail Timetable Review
12 Jan 2005Issues Confronting Sydney Bus Operators
30 Dec 2004NEWS RELEASE: Fare Rises - Buy Smart and Ease the Pain
21 Dec 2004NEWS RELEASE: Concerns on Bus Fares Supported
21 Dec 2004NEWS RELEASE: Circular Quay Ferry Passengers
18 Dec 2004NEWS RELEASE: Stock Up on TravelTens
11 Dec 2004Car sharing scheme for Sydney
5 Dec 2004Modest fare rises for Melbourne?
5 Dec 2004Lord Mayor pushes light rail
3 Dec 2004Bus information - new posters
3 Dec 2004John Lee confirmed as STA chief
3 Dec 2004State Transit's "Strategic Plan" - Not!
30 Nov 2004"Tcard", equalised fares, nearer but shrouded in mystery
23 Nov 2004Spit Bridge widening - Tenders called for design
16 Oct 2004APTNSW submission to Review of Concessions Fares Policy
7 Oct 2004Review of fare concessions policy
7 Oct 2004Extra 2.3 Million Passengers on SE Queensland Public Transport
27 Sep 2004IPART Bus and Ferry Fare Review 2004 - 3rd submission
25 Sep 2004Postscript to Minister saying "Buy a car"
19 Sep 2004Hansard: Trains will run slower
8 Sep 2004New trains for Sydney
5 Sep 2004NEWS RELEASE: Smart-card ticket fails the user test
4 Sep 2004NRMA has all the answers on road safety
1 Sep 2004Minister's "Buy a car" statement draws angry response
27 Aug 2004Spit Bridge clip-on pushed through by ministers
21 Aug 2004APTNSW submission to IPART - Ferry fares - August 2004
21 Aug 2004Transport Minister says "buy a car"
21 Aug 2004Independent MP urges submissions to IPART
15 Aug 2004Do Transitways work? - Seminar, 7 September
15 Aug 2004Sydney's railway infrastructure - a seminar for rail users
1 Aug 2004The New Tcard - What They Haven't Told You About It
23 Jul 2004NEWS RELEASE: New CityRail Timetable
13 Jul 2004Southern Highlands train users protest
10 Jul 2004Brisbane Integrates Tickets AND Fares - Without Smart Cards
27 Jun 2004IPART Bus and Ferry Fare Review 2004
19 Jun 2004References on oil depletion
18 Jun 2004APTNSW Meets Sydney Ferries Chiefs
11 Jun 2004"Active" bus priority trial extended
11 Jun 2004IPART Bus and Ferry Fare Review 2004
29 May 2004Metropolitan Bus Service Contracts
17 May 2004Status of rail projects
3 Apr 2004Proposed M4 East road tunnel options - APTNSW's response
30 Mar 2004NRMA Analysis of Results of Roadbuilding
26 Mar 2004NRMA Survey of Road and Traffic Issues
10 Mar 2004New CityRail Timetable Formats
17 Feb 2004NCOSS Supports Calls for NSW Transport Summit
17 Feb 2004Cheap training for activists at UTS
16 Feb 2004APTNSW Parking Space Levy Review submission
15 Feb 2004Community Transport - plans for integration with route-bus services
15 Feb 2004"Austrans" people mover demonstrated
15 Feb 2004Seminar - sustainable development in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs
15 Feb 2004Eveleigh rail workshops - heritage dispute
15 Feb 2004Epping Station - design changes
15 Feb 2004Newington Armory railway opened
1 Feb 2004RTA misleads on M4-East motorway
1 Feb 2004Summer Hill Station opens end February
1 Feb 2004Kings Cross station upgrading delayed
31 Jan 2004Sustainable Integrated Transport Workshops - Hunter and Central Coast
26 Jan 2004Lifts opposed at Gordon station
23 Jan 2004Heritage Week - railways
19 Jan 2004Auburn - road overbridge - replacement
19 Jan 2004Heritage issues - Gordon Station, Manly Wharf
4 Jan 2004Sydney Ferries to be corporatised
6 Dec 2003Dinner, speakers and discussion on the future of public transport
2 Dec 2003State Transit and cash fares on buses
27 Nov 2003NEWS RELEASE: Interim Report of Bus Services Review
11 Nov 2003Rally to keep Newcastle branch railway
2 Nov 2003Rally to reinstate Parramatta to Epping railway
30 Oct 2003NEWS RELEASE: Dangers in New Sydney Ferries Corporation
8 Oct 2003Final Submission to Public Transport Funding Inquiry
5 Oct 2003Bus Drivers Playing Radios
5 Oct 2003Numeracy skills required to read ferry timetables
6 Sep 2003NEWS RELEASE: Too much parking in development of the Regent Theatre site
26 Aug 2003NEWS RELEASE: Bus Review misses the first stop
24 Aug 2003Submission to Bus Services Review
17 Aug 2003NEWS RELEASE: Can buses be made faster easily?
15 Aug 2003NEWS RELEASE: Fare rise determination lacks imagination and courage
30 Jul 2003W. A. government paper on transport energy
22 Jun 2003Submission to Public Transport Funding Inquiry
22 Jun 2003Proposed upgrading of City approach roads
15 Jun 2003Closure of Newcastle branch railway proposed again
9 Jun 2003Spit Bridge - proposed widening
9 Jun 2003New transport industry group
9 Jun 2003Funding of NSW public transport - Public Inquiry
7 May 2003Sydney's Integrated Ticketing System
3 May 2003Bus & Coach Association Bulletin Digest - April 2003
20 Apr 2003Journal Digest - April 2003
25 Mar 2003Train "turnback" planned for Macdonaldtown
22 Mar 2003Commuter Input to Integrated Ticketing Project
18 Mar 2003Light rail task force
16 Mar 2003Chatswood Station remodelling announced
16 Mar 2003Rail heritage on display
16 Mar 2003Minister, professionals disagree on progress of rail construction program
10 Mar 2003APTNSW meets with Bus & Coach Association
7 Mar 2003Parramatta to Epping Railway proposal - dead?
7 Mar 2003NSW election - Liberal proposal for Spit road tunnel
4 Mar 2003Future Use of F6 Corridor - Consultation
3 Mar 2003Sydney Light Rail Studies
3 Mar 2003Integrated Ticketing - Contract Let
24 Feb 2003Transitway Bus Priority Unsatisfactory
14 Feb 2003New "Rail Now" Lobby Group
11 Feb 2003Tenders Called for STA Buses
10 Feb 2003Sydney Tollway Program Criticised
8 Feb 2003Grass Roots Transport Plan for Illawarra
7 Feb 2003North-West Transitway - Environmental Impact
7 Feb 2003"Auslink" - A New Federal Approach to Land Transport Development
5 Feb 2003State Opposition's Transport policy
27 Jan 2003Early Start to IPART Fares Review
8 Jan 2003Another Transport Plan for Western Sydney
1 Jan 2003Roads lobby claims a win
13 Dec 2002BusTripper - Forgotten But Not Gone
11 Dec 2002Roads and Traffic Authority Annual Report
9 Dec 2002Hegarty's Ferries To Close
8 Dec 2002New Consumer Handbook
8 Dec 2002"Better Buses" confirmed as cost-cutting exercise
4 Dec 2002State Rail Authority annual report 2001-2002
30 Nov 2002Declining patronage noted by State Transit Authority
23 Nov 2002Recent Herald editorials in favour of public transport
18 Nov 2002Parramatta's future - will the land use, transport mix work?
16 Nov 2002More RTA lies - Lane Cove Tunnel
12 Nov 2002Train delays "solved" by changing timetable
8 Nov 2002New Shoalhaven Public Transport Guide
26 Oct 2002Changes to Nightride Buses
1 Oct 2002Monorail Fares - How Low Can You Go?
29 Sep 2002DayWinners
28 Sep 2002TravelPasses: But Wait .... There's More!!
13 Sep 2002Footway parking paper released by NSW RTA
13 Sep 2002Transitways may cut travel times by 13,000 hours a day
11 Sep 2002Liverpool - Parramatta Transitway
5 Sep 2002Land-use planning, RTA style!
3 Sep 2002Waverley Depot Open Day
27 Aug 2002Newcastle Buses
27 Aug 2002Do as I say, not as I do
25 Aug 2002Public Transport Advisory Council appointments
22 Aug 2002New Timetable for Light Rail
13 Aug 2002Proposed F3 - M2 road link challenged
27 Jul 2002One-trip prepaid bus tickets re-appear
8 Jul 2002Warren Centre report
1 Jul 2002Public Transport Advisory Council (PTAC)
1 Jul 2002Burwood Station redevelopment
1 Jul 2002Newcastle Buses - No rear route numbers?
1 Jul 2002Eastern Suburbs Buses - Changes unpopular
23 Jun 2002Council sends mixed message
23 Jun 2002Summer Hill station project approved
20 May 2002Articulated buses for Sydney
19 May 2002Christie Report
7 May 2002Transitways - public meetings
7 May 2002Advocacy funds dry up
2 May 2002Summer Hill station - New plans lodged
29 Apr 2002On-board "entertainment"
25 Apr 2002Transport on radio
13 Apr 2002New CityRail timetable

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