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Parra Light Rail extension to Epping?

posted Wednesday 2 November 2016
APTNSW wrote to relevant MLAs in July suggesting that the light rail be completed by an extension from Carlingford to Epping:
Action for Public Transport (NSW) is a transport advocacy group active in Sydney since 1974. We promote the interests of beneficiaries of public transport; both passengers and the wider community.

The Premier announced on 8 December 2015 that western Sydney is to have a light rail network. The spine of the preferred route runs from Westmead to Strathfield via Parramatta CBD, Camellia and Sydney Olympic Park. There is to be a line to Carlingford branching off at Camellia, replacing the existing heavy rail service to Carlingford.

We submit that the Carlingford branch would be much more useful if it continued to Epping, obviously in a tunnel. The tunnel could pass under Carlingford Court shopping mall, where there could be a very popular station. The Epping leg would provide a very useful connection both with the northern railway from Strathfield to Hornsby and with Sydney Metro from Rouse Hill to Macquarie University, Chatswood and eventually beyond.

Would you please convey our suggestion to the Ministers for Transport and Planning?

The following reply arrived in October:
The Parramatta Light Rail will be the centrepiece of an improved transport network connecting Greater Parramatta to renewal areas across the region. Reliable, frequent services running every day from early morning until late at night will support revitalisation and job creation along a corridor more than 20 kilometres long.

Planning for the Greater Parramatta to Olympic Peninsula priority growth area will provide opportunities for new community facilities, vibrant public spaces and homes close to transport links and jobs in the Parramatta CBD. Parramatta Light Rail will support the growth area by connecting people to jobs, education and leisure opportunities and helping to create new communities.

In December 2015, the NSW Government announced a preferred network for Parramatta Light Rail to link ares that are being transformed by government and private investment, including Westmead precinct, Parramatta North urban renewal area, Camellia, Telopea, Rydalmere, Sydney Olympic Park and Strathfield. It will also serve major attractions in the Parramatta CBD, including the new Western Sydney Stadium and the relocated Powerhouse Museum.

Transport for NSW is now talking to local communities to find out what they want from Parramatta Light Rail which is also informing the detailed design. A final route will be announced by the government by early 2017. Local residents and businesses will have a further chance to comment on the project with the Environmental Impact Statement is on public display around mid-2017.

Transport for NSW is developing a business model for the project, taking into consideration feedback from the private sector and stakeholders. The business model could allow for the project to be delivered in stages, taking into account construction requirements and planned timescales for major development across the corridor, with construction expected to start in 2018.

Transport for NSW also advises an Epping extension study is being carried out, as there continues to be community support for this transport corridor.

More information on this project is available at http://parramattalightrail.nsw.gov.au/.

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