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APTNSW submission on King St Wharf

posted Thursday 19 May 2016
Transport for NSW proposed some road changes around King St Wharf. Our submission dated 18 May 2016 read:

Action for Public Transport (NSW) is a transport advocacy group active in Sydney since 1974. We promote the interests of beneficiaries of public transport; both passengers, and the wider community.

I refer to your leaflet dated 20 April 2016. The leaflet discusses the effect of the proposal on "tourism operators and courier and servicing vehicles" which is all very well but does not cover public transport passengers. The ferry wharf is primarily a public transport facility. It should have convenient bus transfers available. The leaflet should demonstrate that public transport passengers are not inconvenienced by the proposal.

The last paragraph on the first page of the leaflet is headed "Find out more" but does not offer any means to do so. There is no telephone number or email address for further information.

The "before" and "after" maps on the second page of the leaflet do not show the same areas - the "after" layout includes a block of Shelley Street. The reason for not showing Shelley St on the "before" layout is not clear to me.

If your staff can explain these matters, I would appreciate a response.

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